Erick Hailstone Guitar Teacher

Hi.  My name is Erick Hailstone and I’m a Guitarist, Composer, and Guitar Teacher.  I studied at the Berklee College of Music, G.I.T., M.I.T., and private studies with some of the best musicians in the world.  If you don’t know my name I’ll bet you’ve heard music I’ve written or my guitar playing on such TV shows as “Friends” or commercials for  “Lowes” and “Lifelock”.

For years I’ve been studying and teaching all aspects of music and guitar playing. Good teachers are creative.  They come to know you the student, what you’re about and why you’re here.  My Lessons are personalized for each student, no cookie cutter pretaped lessons here. I’m here to understand you, what you want and to meet those needs and empower you. I have approaches for students of ALL ages!

Because of the pandemic I use remote learning exclusively. I have used remote learning for guitar instruction for years before Covid so no time is wasted setting up for our lessons. Using Zoom, the leader in video conferencing, I will send you an invite and then we are ready for our lesson. Purchasing Zoom is NOT necessary for lessons.

Contact me today to start playing your best and love the results!

Phone: 360-521-2589

Some of my reviews:

“I’ve worked with Erick for over 12 years. What I like most about working with Erick is his total focus on what I want to learn. His artistic and technical skills are extraordinary, but its the way he knows the level of communication I need. I have always felt listened to and there has been no “silly question” left unanswered. My skills have improved dramatically and my confidence with the fretboard much improved.”

-Jeffrey H.

“I went to my first lesson with him, and it was far more personalized to my aspirations and needs as a guitar player. He does a fantastic job shaping my lessons and practice to be rewarding, fun, and doable. It was clear from the first lesson that he is a very experienced and dedicated teacher, as well as guitar player.”

-Brady A.

“Picking the right teacher is a critical step in your development as a guitar player no matter what level you’re at. I’ve had several teachers over the years, some more helpful than others. … picking the right teacher is a fork in the road critical decision to your development. I’ve had no regrets and am seriously loving the results.”

-Bill T.