Hi.  My name is Erick Hailstone and I’m a Guitarist, Composer, and Guitar Teacher.  I studied at the Berklee College of Music, G.I.T., M.I.T., and private studies with some of the best musicians in the world.  If you don’t know my name I’ll bet you’ve heard music I’ve written or my guitar playing on such TV shows as “Friends” or commercials for  “Lowes” and “Lifelock”.

I’ve got decades of experience in many areas of the music business.  For years I’ve been studying and teaching all aspects of music and guitar playing.  I work for Yamaha as a Clinician and have taught Guitar Master Classes at Christian conferences all over the country.  I have also created and taught music classes for Home School Organizations.

I find there are three kinds of guitar teachers:

  1. Bad ones.
  2. The ones that can only show you the way that they’ve learned.
  3. The good ones.  Good teachers are creative.  They come to know you the student, what you’re about and why you’re here.  Every student is different and takes lessons for different reasons.  I’m here to understand you, what you want and to meet those needs and empower you.  I have approaches for students of ALL ages!

With many years of experience teaching and performing I can find the unique way for you to learn about music and the guitar.  Whether it’s Rock, Jazz, Pop, Alternative: picks, fingers, hybrid approaches; scales, harmony, rhythm. I’ve studied it, performed it, I’ve done it.

Lessons are $30.00 per half hour.

Because of the pandemic I offer remote lessons exclusively.  Using  Zoom, the leader in video conferencing, I will send you an invite and then we are ready for our lesson.  Purchasing Zoom is NOT necessary for lessons.

I look forward to teaching you the JOY of MUSIC.

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