Brady A.

After taking guitar lessons for a year or so, the guitar teacher I had was moving away, and so he suggested Erick Hailstone. I went to my first lesson with him, and it was far more personalized to my aspirations and needs as a guitar player. He does a fantastic job shaping my lessons and practice to be rewarding, fun, and doable. It was clear from the first lesson that he is a very experienced and dedicated teacher, as well as guitar player. For example, my biggest issue was finding time to practice; However, Erick was able to give me an easy schedule to follow that allows me to get plenty of practice time, and not feel overwhelmed. He’s made it simple, and engaging to progress further than before in my playing. Furthermore, Erick’s been very flexible and has made scheduling lessons easy. We’ve done both in person, and online lessons, and he does a great job of not wasting a minute of our time during either. Each of our lessons has made great use of our time, and is clearly prepared, and well thought over, which allows me to get the most out of every lesson we have.

This article was written by dpcprofondo.